Trip Journal - Balcombe Heights Estate - October 2020

Sydney treated us to another gorgeous weekend recently and I got to spend it in my local park, Balcombe Heights EstateIn 1918 William Thompson envisioned opening a school on the current site for children orphaned during WWI. The school was officially opened on 11th November 1922, Armistice Day. During WWII the children were moved to the countryside and the school was transformed into the 103 Australian General Hospital. The school was reopened in 1947 and operated until the early '70s before the property was purchased by the Hills Council and now houses many community groups and organisations. 

I was there visiting and serving coffee for local ceramic artisans from the Ceramic Study Group and their customers at their pottery and plant sale. 
The CSG is a not-for-profit organisation established to provide our members with a variety of opportunities for continuing education and support – whether experienced and established potters, beginners or students.


A stunning display of handmade ceramics by a local artisan

If you want to take a look at some of the historical buildings remaining on the site you can see many in my video here:

As you can see, the weather was fabulous for a plant sale on the lawns outside the ceramics studio on a Saturday morning. There were loads of unique and amazing pieces of ceramic for sale from local artists and plenty of plants including herbs, seedlings, indoor, outdoor, and even succulents!

You know I love a good composting system...

I really fell in love with these composting tubes! I am an avid supporter of reducing waste and composting is a fabulous way to do your own bit at home, plus you get amazing food for your plants at the same time. Turning weeds into compost easily, in your garden, where it can break down and transfer nutrients directly into the surrounding soil... genius!

This plant made me happy!

There is always plenty happening at Balcombe Heights Estate. It has a skate park, a huge dog park, walking paths, loads of historical sites, and plenty of amazing gardens and trees to check out along the way. It's home to Alive 90.5 community radio station and also HCA's Learning in the Hills classes are held there every week! With so much happening it's hard to keep track, so you can head to the Balcombe Heights Estate Facebook group to get all the info.

A cold brew iced coffee and plants, perfect day!

The park also has a regular community coffee van on site, since I'm there anyway... So if you are in the area and feel like visiting our wonderful park keep an eye out for the Hills Daily Grind... I'm usually around somewhere!

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